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Spending too much on your commercial insurance?

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You maybe eligible for our unique and exclusive facility  

Rewarding client loyalty and well managed risks

Pay as you Claim

is saving businesses money by reinventing how you buy insurance

Our fresh approach to placing your cover enables you to pay part of your premium up front, with the balance due only if and when you make a claim.

There's no sleight of hand. 

We just pride ourselves on thinking differently and doing all we can to help our clients.

All Pay as you Claim clients

  • Receive full cover from inception

  • Are provided with the choice of a traditional quote and a PAYC quote

  • Won't pay more than the traditional price we quote you

  • Can renew the facility each year

  • Are insured by a reputable and well known market insurer

Qualifying criteria does apply

Talk to our friendly team to find out more

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